Women just don't understand how bad we feel, if they loved us they would do anything and everything to help us feel better

Men just exaggerate to get more sympathy and attention, while we have to battle through it... I'm sick of him moaning!

Help reduce the misery – Make life easy: 5 reasons why



Attempt to create granny’s secret recipe? tut! Make life easy! No need to get that sticky honey out of the back of the cupboard, or mix it with lemon, mustard, garlic or granny’s secret ingredients, unless you fancy a whole lot mess of course. No doubt it works wonders, but the taste… let’s just say it is not designed for modern man!

Life is too short – For some added comfort, soothing and sympathy grab something from the MANFLU Range.


The MANFLU range is designed to be used effectively on the go because we think that things should just be kept simple- which is why we do the hard work for you!

MANFLU ‘HOT OR SHOT’- This 60ml bottle of comfort, soothing and sympathy is designed to be drank quickly as a shot on the go or for added comfort drank hot- the clue is in the name! Enjoy the Lemon-Lime & Honey taste whilst getting a nice dose of Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea whilst you’re on the move.

MANFLU ‘LOZZERS’- Grab a pack to keep on your desk, in your car or in your pocket. The wax coated wrappers mean that the lozenge is well protected. Just pop one into your mouth and enjoy the dual core great taste of Lemon-Lime & Honey on the outside and Menthol on the inside.

MANFLU ‘INSTANT ENERGY’- Our D-Glucose and B Vit tabs come in a handy roll. Just put one in your pocket and enjoy when you feel like you need an added boost- for when the world and his wife needs you!

MANFLU ‘ONE A DAY’- This 60ml Daily Health Shot is also made to be drank on the go. We know how lads like to be out and about so put one in your pocket and have a shot to get 625% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C!


Our products have been created with modern man in mind. This is why we offer products that are packed with vitamins and minerals as well as unique formulas so that modern man gets the attention and swift action he deserves.


In order to create the ultimate MANFLU range we thought it was important that comfort, soothing and sympathy could be added to your day whenever you need it. This is why none of our products contain paracetamol or other medicine.

5. SYMPATHY – Men v Woman

Men and women are different – as the famous book says ‘Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus’. One thing they both agree on is when a man is suffering and feeling miserable the sooner things get ‘back to normal’ the better this is for everyone.

Most men want to feel ‘looked after’, to feel as comfortable and soothed as they possibly can be – with plenty of sympathy and tender loving care from the people close to them. Whether they get enough sympathy and attention is a matter of opinion. Most men think no – most women think yes. Whatever your view the MANFLU range brings a smile to the faces of all whether it’s the brave men we are helping to get through the day or the wife/partner/girlfriend of that man who’s milking it once again!

Visit Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Boots, Amazon and other leading retailers and judge for yourself. If he has to drag himself out to the shops and buys it first…
= permission not take the bins out or remove spiders from the bath.

Keep a close eye for us because as the need for comfort soothing and sympathy grows… so will we.



Celebrate. Sympathise. Critisise.
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