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Daily Defence FAQ’s

To make life (even) easier, we thought we'd list a few MANFLU Daily Defence FAQ's - we've done the hard work for you again, so you can just sit back and enjoy! Why has this been developed? Everyone is leading such busy lives these days and are 'on' all the time. Times have moved on but leading supplement brands haven't. They are the same old formula that's been around for years. A hectic busy lifestyle these days means something totally different to even 5 years ago, never mind 10 or 25 years ago. Today most people agree that's it often difficult to stay on top of your game and remain healthy and fighting fit everyday. Designed for 'men that matter' and for those leading a busy, demanding life TODAY, this 'man strength' formula keeps you going and on top of your game. Every single day. Can I take Daily Defence every day? Yes – Daily Defence can be taken once a day, every day throughout the year – we particularly recommend it as a daily refreshing breakfast orange drink, since it contains no sugar, no calories and the equivalent Vitamin C levels of a dozen oranges - plus a lot more besides. What does NRV mean? NRV stands for Nutrient Reference Value. (It is a replacement term for RDA (recommended daily allowance) and you will see it on all your favourite products from December 2014). NRV is a guideline of the minimum amount of a particular vitamin or mineral required by the average person to stay healthy. The NRV is not the same as the maximum safe level of a vitamin or mineral. The % NRV table on MANFLU Daily Defence tells you how much of the NRV of each vitamin and mineral you get from one tablet of Daily Defence. Why does it contain levels of vitamins above 100% NRV? Is this safe? Yes, the levels of vitamins and minerals in MANFLU Daily Defence are perfectly safe for daily consumption. They are below the upper safe limit as decreed by Food Standards Agency Expert Group on Vitamins and Minerals (EVM) and other expert groups. The NRV is simply a guideline daily amount recommended by the EU for the average person to keep healthy. Since we are not 'average' we have included high doses of certain vitamins because they are water-soluble and cannot be stored by the body so have to be topped up EVERY DAY; your body absorbs whatever it needs so we keep our levels high to provide you with optimum insurance. The levels of vitamins and minerals in MANFLU Daily Defence are man-strength for men’s men, but they are all below the maximum daily doses of these vitamins. Why does it matter that it contains much higher doses vitamins and minerals, than other leading brands*? Many of these key vitamins such as Vitamin C and the B Vitamins are water soluble, meaning that they cannot be stored by your body and so need to be topped up daily. Your body will absorb the exact amount of each vitamin that it needs, and excrete the rest (we mean when you do a number one you expel what you don't need). We include high, ‘man-strength’ doses of key vitamins and minerals in Daily Defence because higher doses = better insurance for your body’s daily vitamin needs. *MANFLU Daily Defence contains higher levels of a range of key vitamins and minerals than other popular products such as Berocca® and Wellman® Boost. Compare our formula and see for yourself! Is it normal that the colour of my urine has changed? Yes, in fact that's good. Daily Defence contains 28.5mg or 2035% NRV of vitamin B2 (riboflavin). It helps you release your energy. The effect of consuming B2 is that makes your urine a more intense (luminous) colour. B vitamins are water soluble so anything that your body does not need gets passed out when you go to the toilet. Is it suitable for Vegetarians? Yes, MANFLU Daily Defence contains no animal products or by-products and therefore is suitable for Vegetarians. Is Daily Defence tested on animals? No. MANFLU Daily Defence is only tested on men’s men – NOT animals Does it contain any gluten containing ingredients, yeast or lactose? No. Does it contain any artificial colours or flavours? No. MANFLU Daily Defence is free from all artificial colours and flavours and preservatives. Does it contain any sugar and are there any calories in the drink? No, MANFLU Daily Defence is sugar free and calorie free. It contains sucralose, a natural source sweetener. Does it contain Aspartame? No, but many leading supplements do - always read the pack. Does it contain caffeine? No. MANFLU Daily Defence contains vitamins which naturally help you release your energy from food, but it is entirely free from caffeine and artificial stimulants. Does it contain salt? There is no salt in MANFLU Daily Defence, however it does contain 0.24g of sodium per tablet. Is Daily Defence suitable for children? MANFLU Daily Defence is suitable for Adults and children over 12 only. What is the recommended dose? Take one tablet of Daily Defence, every single day. Is it suitable for diabetics? Yes, MANFLU Daily Defence is suitable for diabetics as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Can women take Daily Defence? They 'borrow' our t-shirts, hoodies or secret stash of sweets so why would this be any different. The product is designed for men that matter but our lady friends, wives and girlfriends are totally safe taking it. (if pregnant they should seek advice before taking any supplement). In fact the high dose of B vitamins means its a perfect substitute for the intravenous B vits that the celebs are taking. Don’t worry, we won't tell. But don't let him find out, or at least buy your own! How many tablets does one pack contain? 20 sugar free effervescent tablets = 20 days supply. What are the benefits ? Designed to deliver maximum benefits with a taste, formula and performance that rips up the rule book. Take daily to keep you at your BEST every day How is Daily Defence different from my normal multivitamin tablet? Apart from its formula the format is superior. Our effervescent tablet taken in the form of a daily drink, the vitamins are more bioavailable than in traditional tablets, meaning they are better and more quickly absorbed by your body.
Energy (Vitamin B1 + B2 in mg) 53.5
Immunity (Vit C in mg) 1000
Mental Performance (Pantothenic Acid B5 in mg) 60
Taste Profile (Tastes Natural, No Aspartame, Modern man) 93
Manliness (Formula, Taste, Performance, for men) 95
Price Per Day (pence per tablet) £0.40
(price per standard pack) 20 days = £7.99
Best in class for today's modern man. Be Unstoppable.


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