Women just don't understand how bad we feel, if they loved us they would do anything and everything to help us feel better

Men just exaggerate to get more sympathy and attention, while we have to battle through it... I'm sick of him moaning!

Instant Energy FAQ’s

To make life (even) easier, we thought we'd list a few MANFLU Instant Energy FAQ's - we've done the hard work for you again, so you can just sit back and enjoy! What is MANFLU Instant Energy and why has it been made? For when the world and his wife needs you, eventually the time comes when you are going to have to get up off the sofa, aah! MANFLU Instant Energy has been created to keep you going when it matters. What does it contain? Typical values per 100g: Vitamin C- 136mg (170% RDA*) Thiamin (B1)- 1.93mg (175% RDA*) Riboflavin (B2)- 2.39mg (171% RDA*) Vitamin B6- 2.39mg (171% RDA*) Panothenic Acid (B5)- 10.23mg (171& RDA*) *RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance Ingredients: Glucose (Dextrose), Citric Acid, Anti-caking Agent (Magnesium Stearte), Maltodextrin, Vegetable Oil, Vitamin C, Lemon Flavouring, Acacia, Pantothenic Acid (B5), Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B6, Thiamin (B1). NO caffeine, NO artificial colours or flavours. Suitable for vegetarians. Nutritional Information Per 100g Energy- 1568kJ Kcal- 369 kcal Protein- 0g Carbohydrate- 88.1g Of which sugars- 87.8g Fat- 1.1g Of which saturates- 0g Fibre- 0g Sodium- 0g How do I take it? Adults and children over 12: Take 4 tablets (34kcal), chewing and enjoying each one. Repeat if necessary. How is it different to others? Our advanced dual formula MANFLU Instant Energy keeps you going when it matters! D-Glucose is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream providing readily available energy; our combination of 5 vitamins helps support energy release. Plus, B6 is proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Yes! Why should you buy it? Anybody who for any reason needs a boost to help get them through! Our advanced dual action formula is not only immediately absorbed into the bloodstream but it also tops up energy stores. Perfect to be used on the go- just slip a roll into your sports bag, pocket or car and take 4 tablets. Take MANFLU Instant Energy for when you want an ‘Instant Energy’ boost. Instant Energy are Lemon flavoured Glucose tablets with Vitamin C and B Vitamins. Where can I buy MANFLU Instant Energy? Available in Boots,  Savers and online at Ocado. If you have any more MANFLU Instant Energy FAQ's send them to the team - enquiries@manflu.com!


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