Women just don't understand how bad we feel, if they loved us they would do anything and everything to help us feel better

Men just exaggerate to get more sympathy and attention, while we have to battle through it... I'm sick of him moaning!

One A Day FAQ’s

To make life (even) easier, we thought we'd list a few MANFLU One A Day FAQ's - we've done the hard work for you again, so you can just sit back and enjoy! What is MANFLU One A Day? The ultimate immune support daily health shot. A natural Blackcurrant & Honey drink with 625% RDA Vitamin C + Echinacea. Attempt to live a healthy lifestyle every day? Of course you should! Tut! Sometimes we don’t and a hectic ‘work hard play hard’ lifestyle means we need to up our game to stay healthy. This is why we have created immune support for men that matter. What does it contain? Food supplement - blackcurrant & honey flavoured drink with sweeteners, vitamin c and herbal extract. Contains 500mg Vitamin C (625% RDA) and 100mg Echinacea. *RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance Ingredients: Water, Proprietary blend*, Citric Acid, Stabiliser (Cellulose Gum), Malic Acid, Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate). Natural colour (anthocyanin). *Proprietary blend (3510mg per 100ml): Vitamin C, Natural Flavouring, Echinacea Extract (167mg/100ml). NO sugar, NO caffeine, NO artificial colours or flavours, Suitable for vegetarians. Nutritional Information Energy- 10KJ Kcal- 2kcal Protein- 0g Carbohydrate- 0g Of which sugars- 0g Fat- 0.1g Of which saturates- 0g Fibre- 0g Sodium- 0g How do I take it? Adults and children over 12: consume entire bottle at one time. Recommended: 1 bottle per day. How is One A Day different? This health shot drink for modern men contains 625% RDA Vitamin C to help support immune function. Plus Echinacea! Misery? No! Take a daily health shot! Who should take it and why? MANFLU One A Day is ideal for men with a busy lifestyle who barely have time to eat their lunch- never mind think about their immune health! This daily health shot is drank in one. Immune support has never been so easy! With more Vitamin C than 6 juicy Oranges less than 2 kcal MANFLU One A Day is a great source of immune support! It is very easy and convenient to take. On the train, in the car, on the move. All you need to do is open, shot and enjoy! Where can I buy MANFLU One A Day? Available in Savers. If you have any more MANFLU One A Day FAQ's send them to the team - enquiries@manflu.com!


Celebrate. Sympathise. Critisise.
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