Women just don't understand how bad we feel, if they loved us they would do anything and everything to help us feel better

Men just exaggerate to get more sympathy and attention, while we have to battle through it... I'm sick of him moaning!

MANFLU Tissues

Superdrug Breathe Easy: Extra Strong Menthol MANFLU Tissues. For your pocket, desk and car. MANFLU Tissues No Background Ultra premium tissues infused with menthol power. Micro-encapsulation technology has enabled us to create a strong, long lasting menthol tissue - for men that matter. Keep a packet on you, plus one in your car and in your desk or locker. For men that are really suffering - you will need more than one packet. Instructions 1. Open up tissue 2. Crush tissue to release capsules 3. Breather vapour and use tissue 4. Dispose of responsibly 5. Repeat as neccesary Result Breathe easy, for when bed or sofa is not an option Drinks, soups and back rubs not included. Not for cleaning up spills, taking off make up or wiping kids faces. Avoid contact with eyes.


Celebrate. Sympathise. Critisise.
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