Women just don't understand how bad we feel, if they loved us they would do anything and everything to help us feel better

Men just exaggerate to get more sympathy and attention, while we have to battle through it... I'm sick of him moaning!


Women, is he lying on the sofa feeling sorry for himself, yet again? Here is what we recommend. We all know there is no cure for the misery men feel, at least now they can get a bit more comfort, soothing and sympathy in a bottle.

If he loved you the 5 things he would say:

1. “I know you work so hard, you barely get any time to yourself as it is. Don’t be running around after me, I’m a big boy now and can look after myself”. 2.“No, you take the sofa. I will go to bed and keep my germs away. No really I insist, here’s the remote - can I get you a cup of tea?”. 3. “When you don’t feel good I will be the most understanding, sympathetic and best boyfriend / husband you could dream of. I will do the shopping, look after the house, plump up your pillows and kiss your forehead". 4.“I just wanted to buy you a little pressie for looking after me. This weekend it is about us – I've booked a table at your favourite restaurant and then we can curl up and watch that film you've been talking about”. 5. “Let me leave you in peace so you can watch your favourite TV shows, I’m off to bed / work / moan in the other room”. Fact: We know how he feels – because he’s milking it and being a bit of a wimp. Science: Yes our bodies are different, our immune systems are different, and our genetic makeup is different. Nature: Anyway, has he even suffered pain? Period pain? Child birth? No. Case closed.

Top tips

Know his limits! If you are asked to buy him ‘something’ or ‘tablets’ or whatever, it doesn't really matter what you get him because he’ll still moan anyway. If sympathy, care and attention are being demanded the phrase ‘you are such a wimp’ is likely to result in a category A grade sulk. Meaning some peace and quiet for at least half an hour. If his moaning persists bath him and send him straight to bed! Give yourself a bit of alone time to relax because we all know you've been rushing non-stop all day whilst the most he has done is move 2 feet to get the remote!

Is he low on sympathy or care and attention?

Grab something from the MANFLU range and slip it into his pocket, bag or in the car for emergencies.

Spicy food will do him the world of good, but it is not suitable for making by yourself, you have better things to do than run around after him. Order a takeaway.

Our hot toddy. The perfect ‘MAN’ treat in seconds.

Forget lemon, sticky honey jars, cloves and sugar ... just boil the kettle grab a mug (or stylish spirits glass if you care that much) and pour in a bottle of MANFLU 'HOT OR SHOT'™ add some hot water from the kettle and top it off with a generous slug of his spirit of choice (whiskey/whisky is the traditional choice but you can also try vodka or a rum for a new twist). Our lemon-lime and honey flavour blends brilliantly and he’ll get 12.5 times the RDA of Vitamin C (1000mg) + Echinacea + Zinc to boot. Perfect. The modern hot toddy in seconds. Tell him to sip slowly for maximum impact. The sooner he feels a bit better, the better it is for everyone. To all you brave women who just get on it, we salute you, he’ll be out of your hair in no time.

Our caring Soup a Hero - Chicken Soup with a kick.

Try our delicious chicken soup with a nice little kick of pepper, garlic, onion and red chilli flavour to warm you right up. For more of a kick, try adding your favourite hot sauce or different spices.


Celebrate. Sympathise. Critisise.
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